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Construction Manager

Specialist HR support for the  Construction industry

Stats box about construction and why HR is so crucial.

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We understand your needs and the challenges facing you.

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Recruitment and Retention

Many industries are dealing with crippling skills shortages and the construction industry is no different. With so much of the workforce requiring specialist skills or certification, and with the frequency of work unpredictable, managing the resourcing of each project can be very difficult. Lodge Court is a specialist in recruitment for the construction industry and can help with:

  • Workforce planning

  • Search

  • Background checks

  • Contract negotiations

1 Month






HR Advice and Support

Our experts can give you pragmatic advice on HR issues, eliminating the stress with jargon-free legal explanations to help keep your business on the right track.

Regular updates on Employment Law Changes

Whether you are a start-up or large enterprise we can help you solve people issues that could impact your business performance and reputation.

Update / Develop Employment Contracts

We will review and update your contracts of employment documents so they are legally compliant but also provide protection for you when an employee leaves.

Update Employer Handbook / Policies

We will ensure your policies and procedures are legally compliant and reflect your companies values and employer branding

Dedicated HR Consultant

To support you with your HR responsibilities – developing an understanding of the issues you’re facing, your requirements, and your goals for the future.

Drafting of all Formal Letters

Drafting or enhancing existing bespoke HR documentation and support documentation.

Annual HR Health Check

Every business can benefit from a review of its people processes. We will provide a health check of your HR practices and processes that are meeting the needs of your organisation and its employees.

Recruitment Support

We can work in partnership with you to create a detailed job description, adverts and generate a search strategy to identify potential candidates, as well as perform screen interviews before presenting you with a list of qualified candidates.

Conduct Exit Interviews

The process will cover the rationale for the employee’s resignation, ensuring they leave on good terms, establish the strength areas with the organisation and also identify areas where improvements are required.

HR Administration Management (through a HRIS)

Working in collaboration with our cloud-based management system provider, we can tailor an HR Information System package for your organisation based on the scale of your company's requirements.
(payroll Processing not inc.)

Creation of Employee Handbook 

We will ensure your policies and procedures are legally compliant and reflect your companies values and employer branding, developing a policy plan that serves as a guideline for setting out rules and regulations to achieve your HR goals and objectives.

Discount on future project work



Minimum contract length

3 Month

6 month

Prices starting from...



Per month, Plus VAT

Monthly Newsletter

You will receive our monthly newsletter ‘LC Insight’ keeping you up to date with the latest HR news.


You may be facing a challenging and complex HR project, such as redundancy support or TUPE transfer. If so, we can offer expert project management knowledge and support to ensure any associated risk is managed and legal requirements are met.

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