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Issues may occur at any point in the employment relationship. Having disciplinary and grievance procedures in place ensures that these challenges are dealt with in a fair and consistent manner.

Your procedures should manage disciplinary issues in relation to employees' conduct, behaviour, performance, and absenteeism. We can support you through the process to ensure that you fulfill obligations in a fair and consistent way.

Lodge Court can support your business in resolving any grievance issues raised by an employee. As a neutral party, we are able to support the grievances process impartially and ensure that constructive communication remains open between all.

Disciplinary & Grievances

Do you need to get an employee's conduct or performance back on track?

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Our Approach...

  • Person to person

  • Creative - approaching every company and engagement with a unique perspective

  • Plain speaking – we don’t use jargon

  • Practical solutions made to fit 
    business size

  • Your "sounding board" and external point
    of view

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