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How you as an employer are viewed by existing and potential employees is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent.


Employer Branding can cover many areas such as values, culture, recognition, management style, and compensation levels.

Your employer branding strategy needs to transparently and consistently promote these elements to both your existing team and those you intend to recruit.

Lodge Court can support your business in developing the four stages of an Employer Brand:

  • Discovery - Understanding how your brand is perceived by employees, customers, and suppliers

  • Analysis, interpretation, and creation - Building a clear picture of what your organisation stands for, offers, and requires as an employer

  • Implementation and communication - The brand is applied for the first time within the business and on social media platforms

  • Measurement, maintenance, and optimisation - Checking progress and maintaining momentum

Employer Branding

Want your company to stand out from the crowd?

Lodge Court people.png

Our Approach...

  • Person to person

  • Creative - approaching every company and engagement with a unique perspective

  • Plain speaking – we don’t use jargon

  • Practical solutions made to fit 
    business size

  • Your "sounding board" and external point
    of view

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