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  • Your business should now be generating a consistent source of income and generating leads to win new business. Cash flow should start to improve as recurring revenue will help cover ongoing expenses and you will see your profits improve slowly and steadily.

  • At this stage a lot of your attention will likely be spent on: accommodating an expanding workforce, managing increasing levels of revenue, maintaining customer relationships, and dealing with the competition.

  • You will also need to be directly involved in the recruitment process, establishing and building your team with clearly defined objectives and job roles. Hiring highly qualified people with complementary skill sets who can take over a great deal of the responsibilities and make the most of your company’s potential during this phase.

    Services we can support your business with at the expansion stage:

A tailor made HR package for your business goals

Your own HR Director

Whether you need the experience and strategic insight from an HR Director one day a week, or you need someone to help you for a few months until you can hire someone permanently, we can help.

Senior Team Development

Every successful business has a brilliant leadership team behind it. Let us work with you to define the skills and expertise you need working alongside you, and help you find individuals to fit the bill.

Policy & Regulatory Help

We can help you ensure that your business adheres to all employee laws and that you have policies in place to guide your employees on best practice. 

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