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A Best Practice Review provides a detailed overview of how your HR practices and processes meet the needs of your organisation and its employees. We believe that your HR processes should enable your business to grow and become sustainable rather than constrain you.

Every business can benefit from a review of its people processes.

These can cover:


  • HR Policies

  • Organisation review assessment

  • Complete HR processes audit

  • Employment contract review

  • Compensation review

  • Skills & Competencies review

  • HR Systems (HRIS) and Employee Data

HR Best Practice Review

Do you need to improve the performance of your organisation?

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Our Approach...

  • Person to person

  • Creative - approaching every company and engagement with a unique perspective

  • Plain speaking – we don’t use jargon

  • Practical solutions made to fit 
    business size

  • Your "sounding board" and external point
    of view

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