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As your business evolves it is good practice to detail your policies and procedures in an Employee Handbook. This will ensure that there is no ambiguity in the expectations of your employees and the commitments of the company. 

A lack of business policies can expose your organisation to legal risks within your workforce. Lodge Court will ensure your policies and procedures are legally compliant and reflect your companies values and employer branding, developing a policy plan that serves as a guideline for setting out rules and regulations to achieve your HR goals and objectives.


Employment contracts can be complex often with extensive legal wording detailing the employment agreements between the company and the employee. Lodge Court is able to support your business in ensuring that your contracts are not just legally compliant but also provide protection for you when an employee leaves.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, many employees have changed their working patterns and place of work. You may need to consider reviewing the contracts so that they reflect the new working relationship and conditions. 

Policy & Contract Creation

With new starters,

do you have a comprehensive employee handbook and legal requirements written into a contract?

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Our Approach...

  • Person to person

  • Creatively - approaching every company and engagement with a unique perspective

  • Plain speaking – we don’t use jargon

  • Providing practical solutions to fit
    business size

  • Providing business owners with an external viewpoint and “sounding board”

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