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Career Progression During Corona - Really???

As 2019 was ending, many companies were completing their annual performance reviews and working with their employees in setting out their career goals and objectives for 2020. These may have been working towards a promotion, learning a new skill or developing individual competencies. As we hurtle towards the end of a really strange and manic year, many find themselves in a very different position, facing uncertainty in the wake of the on-going corona crisis.

Despite the negativity in the media predicting significant job losses, we are still working with clients that are making new hires, providing career advancements and promotions during this time, and equally hearing many success stories across industries. In today’s blog we look at how employees progress in their careers whilst remote working, and how managers can support them to do so.

As we reach month seven of COVID restrictions in the UK, with many still working from home, the things we miss most about working in an office environment have been highly publicised; the natural discussions, team problem solving and working relationships being just a few. If you are used to being located with your line manager, working from home can make it feel more challenging to make a good impression or to demonstrate your value.

If you are still seeking to get promoted or looking for career advancement whilst working from home, or supporting employees in doing so, here are our top tips:

  • Additional responsibilities – the corona virus has created many challenges and unexpected additional work for businesses, whether that be digitalisation of your businesses, new policies or procedures or increased communications. If you feel you have capacity to support the wider business, put your hand up (maybe not physically!) and offer to take on new tasks or additional responsibilities. This demonstrates as an employee you are willing to support your colleagues to reduce the pressure on them, help develop the business and develop new skills

  • Innovation – in addition to pandemic and furlough, being “able to pivot” has been a key term used frequently over the last few months. Many businesses have had to adapt rapidly this year, innovation is an extremely important part of that process. Be creative and feel confident to put forward new ideas, ensure you demonstrate these have the detail required to be considered by the senior team.

  • Network –Build relationships within your team, and other teams. No matter how small the group is or how far-flung your colleagues are, they are part of your network. You want everyone possible to know you and the value that you bring, so that when new opportunities show up, you come to mind.

  • Communication – Good communication is key! Keep in regular touch with your line manager and ensuring that although not in the office you have your regular catch ups scheduled in, these should be focussed on checking in and development.

  • SMART – Ensure that the objectives set out at the beginning of the year are still valid and achievable. If not speak to your line manager about setting new objectives, so you are clear on the goals you need to achieve to make the next milestone in your move towards a promotion. Ensure these are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely, agree on how these will be measured in a remote working environment.

  • Clarity - Be clear with your line manager on what you are seeking from your role. The age-old term don’t ask don’t get. They need to know what you want so they can support you to develop the plan and measure to achieve it.

Working remotely comes with lots of independence, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from proving their worth. Network, get a mentor, build skills, look for new challenges, and track progress. Make an impression in the correct way to find the recognition and advancement within the workplace.

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