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Leading Through a Crisis

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Updated November 2021.

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor

With the peak of the coronavirus behind us, along with the UK's furlough scheme. businesses still potentially face some of their biggest challenges as the full impact coronavirus has wreaked on the UK economy is still unfolding. This is an extremely challenging time for business owners and one element key for survival will be the ability to lead your teams through this difficult period.

As businesses adapt to a changing world, it is likely many of you will be asking employees to alter their roles, take on additional duties or cover for other staff members. Strong leadership creates inspired and motivated employees, enthusiasm for your business and increased productivity – all factors which will contribute to your success whilst navigating the coming months.

Definition of Leadership

Here are our five top tips for leadership during crisis:

1. Unify behind a mission

An environment of strategic planning and innovation replaces fear of the future with productivity and hope.

2. Create purpose

Knowing that we are all in this together is reassuring and motivating. Furthering that connection through clarity of purpose assures each employee that they are a critical part of a dynamic business which is progressing.

3. Understand and communicate inherent risks

Businesses that demonstrate a strategy to managing risk show employee’s confidence in safety and the process behind it.

4. Empower entrepreneurial spirit

Leaders must rethink teams and functions, supporting their business and teams to adapt according to dynamic situations. Engage employees to be part of this process ensuring they feel valued and invested in new structures.

5. Visualise success

As we ask more of employees and they are in a pressured environment, we must help them envision the positive outcome they are working towards.

At Lodge Court we coach business owners and provide a supportive sounding board that you may not have internally. Fill in our contact form to arrange a call to discuss leadership support or employee engagement programmes for your business.

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