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  • If you reinvest in your business, discuss a plan of action with your sales and marketing team on how you are going to meet changes in the market, the needs of new customers, or create a subsidiary of the business which will grow into a wider market.

  • But if revenue has declined and you do not want to reinvest in the business, or do not have the motivation to do so and you choose to cash out before the situation worsens, assemble a team of investors, accountants, and others knowledgeable about mergers and acquisition.

    Services we can support your business with at the transition stage:

A tailor made HR package for your business goals

Your own HR Director

Whether you need the experience and strategic insight from an HR Director one day a week, or you need someone to help you for a few months until you can hire someone permanently, we can help.

Senior Team Development

Every successful business has a brilliant leadership team behind it. Let us work with you to define the skills and expertise you need working alongside you, and help you find individuals to fit the bill.

Policy & Regulatory Help

We can help you ensure that your business adheres to all employee laws and that you have policies in place to guide your employees on best practice. 

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